Alytimes FAQ & iP Camera

2015-08-04 18:59:51

Q1. How to connect camera to internet? And how to connect it to Wifi?

A.(1) Without lan cable. Firstly connect the camera with power, then open the mobile App APCam, click Add-SP-Smarklink-Next-Choose your Wifi and type in Wifi Key,then you can connect the camera to your wifi network.
  (2)With Lan cable. Connect the camera with power and lan cable to router. Then your camera is connected to internet.For our camera, there is only the first way to connect to Wifi. It's very easy to set up.

Q2. Can I manager the camera from computer?

A. Yes, you can. We have a PC software called "DeviceViewer", you can download it from our website.

Q3. I can login the camera, but where can I set the camera parameters?

A. In the right side of the camera list, you can see a setting icon, click it, you will see Delete, Edit, Playback, Settings totally 4 options. Click Settings to set the camera parameters.

Q4. Can I manage more cameras in one account? How to sign up?

A. After you log in your private account, click the icon on the top right of the APCam, click the the button "Add", choose SP, click Smartlink, then choose your Wifi, and input Wifi password, wait for about 5-8 seconds, you will hear a sound that means you've connected the Wifi successfully. Usually it will turn to next step automatically. What if it can not turn to next step? If it can not turn to next step and doesn't have the sound, you might need to wait for some more time. And then back to the "Add Camera" interface to type in camera ID and Password manually to view the camera. You can also pin the camera ip on your internet to see if it's connected to Wifi successfully.

Q5. How many cameras can I add in one account at most?

A. The default is 20 cameras, our company can add camera's quantity for your special requirement.

Q6. What is the default resolution? Can I change it by myself?

A. The default resolution is 640×360, sure you can change it by yourself. Log in your APCam, go to the video interface, you will see the different resolution, choose and click the resolution which you want.

Q7. How can I know whether the camera is connected to internet?

A. After you connect the power and lan cable to the camera, after about 50s, you can see two indicator lights on in the camera lan interface. The green light keeps stable, and the yellow light keeps flash. This means your camera already connected to wired network. If you use Smartlink to connect wifi, you can pin the camera IP on the internet to see if it's online, or you can just type the camera ID and password in the App to see if it's online. Note: The original camera password is 888888, you can change it immediately after you login in the camera.

Q8. What's the meaning of the yellow and green light in the camera lan interface means when I connect the lan cable?

A. The green light on means the camera is powered. The yellow light flashes means the camera connected to lan internet.

Q9. What can I do if I forget the password?

A. Reset the camera by long pressing the reset button at the bottom of the camera.

Q10. How to reset the camera?

A. There is a very small hole at the bottom in the camera, just press it for about 30 seconds, the camera will reboot, then all the parameters including the password will be back to factory default.(Remind: the camera need connected with power )

Q11. Can I update the camera firmware/Web UI online?

A. Yes, you can update the firmware/Web UI online via mobile app.

Q12. How to check the App version?

A. Open your App APCam, click "About", you will see the App version.

Q13. How to check the camera firmware version? Can I update firmware version from mobile APP?

A. 1. Open your APCam, click "Settings", you will see the "Device Info", click it and you will see the firmware version.
  ;2. Yes, you can update the camera firmware by clicking "Device Update".

Q14. What's the difference between "Admin" account and "Guest" account?

A. Admin password can set and manage the camera, but guess password just monitor the video.

Q15. I use it in my country, can I set our local time? Where can I set it?

A. Yes ,you can. Open your APCam, "settings-Date and Time", then you can set the correct time.

Q16. After I do some parameter settings, how to recover to the factory default settings?

A. Reset the camera by long pressing the reset button at the bottom of the camera. If you do this, the password also recover to original 888888.

Q17. Can I mount it to my wall or ceiling? How can I see normal pictures/videos?

A. Yes, you can. Open your APCam, click "settings-Mdeia Settings-Image Reverse".

Q18. Does the camera have two-way audio? How can I use it?

A. Yes, our indoor camera has two-way audio. When you view the camera's video, you can hear the sound easily, if you want to talk to the camera, just press the microphone and speak, the people in the camera side will hear you.

Q19. What's the video records format? What media player does it support?

A. The video format is avi, you can play it by any common video player.

Q20. Can I find my account password for the App if I forget it?

A. Sorry, you can not find your password if you forgot it based on the currently app , but you can register a new private account to manage your camera. We will add new function of restore password in the near future app.

Q21. Why can't the people hear my invoice when I speak to the mobile App?

A. You need to press the microphone when speaking.

Q22. When I test talk, there is a loud noise, is there anything need to notice?

A. That's because the camera is too near to the mobile. Please leave it a little more far away, or it will cause noise.

Q23. How do I set email alarm ?

A. For the 720P HD cameras, just need to input the email address, no need any else settings.

Q24. How to set wifi? Do I need lan cable to set wifi?

A.For our Alytimes 720P HD cameras model(Aly002, Aly004, Aly006, Aly007, Aly010, Aly011, Aly011B), no need lan cables to set wifi. Just plug the camera to power, open the mobile App APcam, click smart link, then when you hear di-di sound, input wifi name and password, when you hear du sound, the wifi is connected successfully.
Sometimes if you don't hear the du sound, you can try to back and type in the camera ID and password manually to see if it already connected to wifi. If you can access the camera and see video, that means the wifi is connected too.

Q25. How do I know whether I connect the wifi successfully?

A. After you type in wifi name and password, when you hear loud du sound, the wifi is connected successfully. And usually it will go to the next step automatically.

Q26. How do I know whether my camera has two-way audio or not?

A. Usually all of our indoor cameras(except for the Aly013) has two-way audio, and all the outdoor cameras no audio.

Q27. My camera is HD 720P camera, but the video/picture is very blur. What should I do?

A. Maybe the lens is loose during transportation. You can adjust the lens manually. The way to adjust the lens can refer to the following video.

Q28. Can I connect my camera to NVR?

A. Our camera is with Onvif 2.4.2 protocol, as long as the NVR with this protocol or later version, it will be compatible with our camera.

Q29. How to configure my camera to NVR?

A. Firstly connect your camera and NVR to network. Then search the camera IP in your NVR, and click it. Then the camera will be added to the NVR automatically. It's very simple.

Q30. Can I get motion detection for my camera after connected to NVR?

A. Yes, you can. Almost all the camera functions are available in your NVR.

Q31: I want to connect the camera to NVR by onvif protocol and try to access it thru the rtsp, using VLC app, What is the URL I should use .

A:URL is rtsp:// (640x360) for Onvif.
Note: Don't specify the login and password in the ispy, just keep it blank.

Q32: Can I get 720P video quality through ONVIF?

A: No, only VGA available.